We love them

They are our friends… We like their creativity, their talent, their ” soft madness “…
And it is with pleasure that we make you share these beautiful artistic meetings full of imagination…

Divert, confront, reinvent the imaging with Jane…
Détourner, confronter, réinventer l'imagerie avec Jane Cros
Alumnus of the Villa Arson, Jane is an artist in the pure state. Passionate, spontaneous and without compromise, her work is under the influence of the pleasure. She sees the life only in colors, and is in perpetual creative emulation.

Jane Cros

Jane Cros, a talentuous artist

Each of its artistic adventures nait of a story. Of love, friendship, meetings, very favorite, journey, memories … Of a wish to sublimate icones, pay tribute to the big painters and to the art which she likes, Jane developed a technique of sticking and of her own painting.
In an initiative to deepen and to bring something again, it is after an experiment hardened on the biggest sizes, (big paintings, jars and vases) that she declines recently her knowledge minimal.
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